Lucy Goes Visiting!

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Pleeeeez Let Me In!

Our Gracie, the cat, likes to be a boss. She used to torment her boyfriend, Mr. Mittens, in a similar way, but it’s particularly funny to see her block Lucy, who is twice her size and, theoretically, a dog from getting in the house.

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Lucy Goes For A Dip

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Squirrely Squirrely!

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Lucy went swimming!

Lucy at home
April 2012

Sadly, no pictures and no video, because Lucy went for her first swim at night.

My brother, sister-in-law and I took Lucy to my sister-in-law’s apartment complex pool. Totally against the rules and certainly not very respectful of us, but she only went in a little and caused no disruption.

Lucy wanted to come in the water, because we were in there, but it was way over her head!

She came down onto the first step into the water and I held her under her chest and guided her out. She was totally amazed but also a bit freaked out. A short while later she jumped in to get to my brother. I again kept her up so she wouldn’t sink (she was wearing her leash and harness) but once she discovered she was in way over her head (!!) she definitely wanted the safety of the outside of the pool. She wanted to come in again but she was too scared to jump a second time. She needed to dry off for the ride home anyway.

I’m going to get her a small wading pool. I hope she’ll learn to enjoy splashing around in it, because it’s so hot here. Too bad there’s nowhere to take her that she can really learn to swim. I think she’d enjoy it.

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Lucy’s Amazing Wildlife Adventure!

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Desert Girl

Lucy on Humboldt Mountain, Arizona
March 2012

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