Pick up your poop!

Little girl, big yard

As a dog owner, I have stepped in a lot of dog shit — rarely from my own dogs. Properly disposing of your dog’s poop is a responsibility that goes along with owning a dog.

Dog poop doesn’t just mess up your footwear, it is a health hazard for people and other animals.

You can buy all kinds of expensive bags or — one of the stupidest things I’ve seen — boxes to do the job.

Why spend that kind of money on something you’re going to need a lot of?

I recommend what I use — the cheapest fold-over sandwich bags you can find. You can buy a box of 300-count store-brand baggies for a couple dollars.

If you have a large dog, plastic shopping bags work great. They have the added advantage of being free. I am sure your friends and family would be more than happy to pass on their accumulations if you have a shortage.


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