Lucy gets an A!

Lucy and Mr. Mittens enjoy a snack

Earlier this evening Lucy went to her second puppy class at the new place and, boy, did she do great!

There was one puppy named Darcy, slightly younger but much larger than Lucy, who was there last week, and two new puppies — a pair of Puggles who live in the same home, one five and a half months and the other three and a half months.

Lucy had a great time wrestling with Darcy, but the Puggles were pretty shy and spent a fair amount of time under the chairs. Never fear, however, because Lucy the Wonder Dog took time out to help the Puggles join in the fun.

It was so amazing to watch her go from being a wild girl with Darcy to being low-key and encouraging with the youngest Puggle. I was so proud of my girl!


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