Lucy and her Blue Ball

One aspect of having a dog that I was very excited about was walkies! Unfortunately, Lucy pulls terribly on the leash making it impossible to walk nice. I tried a traditional harness on her but all it did was make pulling more comfortable.

I considered getting her a Halti but was doubtful that a head harness was going to go over real big. And then I read Pat Miller’s The Power of Positive Dog Training. She recommends a harness which has the leash attach at the chest rather than on the back.

The leash is clipped to the harness and the collar, for added stability. The Humane Society & Shelter, South Coast sells the Premier Easy Walk Harness, so that’s what we got for Lucy.

The improvement is astonishing. We only did a little bit of walking with it so far but it seems that this is going to do the trick!

Lucy also got a new leash. It took her only a month to chew through her first regular nylon leash. The new one is a Lupine which comes with a life-time guarantee even if chewed!

Ready for walkies!


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2 Responses to Walkies!

  1. JNOV says:

    I TOTALLY remember that Walkies Brit chick! She’s still kickin’?

  2. fromlaurelstreet says:

    Sadly, I never could watch dog training programs on TV b/c my previous dogs — a pair of incredibly sweet Cocker Spaniels — would bark like mad when they saw dogs on TV, especially ones that were making them look bad.

    But this harness has done wonders for eliminating the kind of pulling Lucy was doing with just a leash.

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