That’s what Lucy was saying last night!

She was spayed yesterday. To be technical, she had an ovariohysterectomy.

For a split second I had considered the idea of finding an appropriate male for Lucy to have a litter when she is older. She would have the cutest puppies! “But unless a pet owner is also a dedicated breeder, it’s cheaper, healthier, and far more practical to spay the bitch.” Hahahahaha.

It’s been almost eight years since Our Gracie was spayed. At that time it cost only $40 at the local low-cost clinic where I take her (and while they were with us, James and Patty) for yearly vaccinations. But now they are performing the surgery using lasers and it costs $200+! Lucy’s full-care vet (a more brilliant and caring group you’d be hard pressed to find) was not that much more and also uses lasers, so I opted to take Lucy there for continuity of care. So far Lucy has been a stunningly expensive dog!

She went in at 8:30 yesterday morning (she now weighs 13.8 pounds!) and I picked her up at 4:30 yesterday afternoon.

Oh, poor Lucy! She was really not feeling well when she got home. She couldn’t muster more than the tiniest wag of her tail for Gracie!

Before we came in the house, I walked Lucy into the back yard to see if she wanted to pee and/or poop. I was surprised at how long she peed and more surprised when she peed twice more as we went around the yard. It made me a little nervous because they had cut her “pee hair” for the surgery and I couldn’t tell if anything had come out! But it had, everything was fine — I’m just an incredibly Nervous Nellie.

As soon as we got in the house I gave Lucy one of her pain pills (Zubrin). I tried putting it in a piece of string cheese but it didn’t stick in there very well, so I had to open her mouth and jam in the pieces that fell out of the cheese. Poor Lucy! Fortunately, it’s tasteless so it wasn’t that bad for her.

Lucy got up on the bed and tried to make herself comfortable with her big blue bunny, but her tummy was so sore! By 7 o’clock she was a little better and ate a light dinner, but after going outside for another pee it was clear that she wanted me off the computer and in bed with her, so off I went.

You could cut off my arm and I wouldn’t even flinch, but watching poor Lucy rearrange herself every five or ten minutes was heartbreaking. I was really torn about letting her stay on the bed all night, but I knew that would make it hard for her to accept any other arrangement from then on, so at 1:30 a.m. into her crate she went, with several small pieces of roast beef as a sweetener. She laid down and went to sleep — yay!

I figured Lucy would be up super early but she slept until 6:30 this morning. I was a little concerned when we didn’t get a poop straight off but after a little breakfast we went back out and Lucy produced a small one. Phew! My brother thinks I am obsessive about Lucy’s and Gracie’s excretory functions but it’s important! A dose of mineral oil may be in her future if things are still a bit stunted as the day wears on. {Update @ 7:55 pm: No mineral oil required!}

It is now 16 hours since Lucy came home and she is feeling a lot better! We even went on a short walk around the block. Lucy has two more days worth of pain medication, but at this point it seems that she might not need it.

Although it is tempting to not have your dog or spayed or neutered, please do not hesitate to have it done at the earliest possible time!

UPDATE (9/20/10): Lucy licked her owie enough that the “surgical site” was starting to gape yesterday, so today she went back to the vet who popped in several staples. Lucy was a little uncomfortable for a couple hours but has since regained her full joie de vivre. I am also having to put hot compresses on the owie three times a day because her inability to take it down a notch (despite the strictly enforced no-run rule) has resulted in some slight swelling.


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