Another day, another $143.52

Several days ago Lucy started peeing in the house. No matter how frequently I took her outside, she was having multiple “accidents.” By last night I was ready to shoot myself. So this morning I brought her to the vet along with a urine sample for testing.

I remember the first time a vet asked me to bring in a urine sample for a dog. I thought they had lost their mind. It’s actually not that hard. When the dog starts peeing, just stick a small bowl underneath to catch some, then dump it into a baggie and knot it. At least that’s what I do. The vet commented on my ingenuity, but how else are you going to transport pee?

Anyway, long story short, Lucy does in fact have a UTI and vaginitis. The vet was going to prescribe a liquid medicine but given our earlier experience treating Lucy’s intestinal parasites I was reluctant. So for $20 more than what the liquid antibiotic would cost, Lucy got a shot of Convenia, a broad-spectrum antibiotic that lasts for 10 to 14 days. Lucy is spared the daily administration of medicine and I don’t have to worry about the potential for aspiration. Yay!


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